Getting Ready

Doing a little bit of wrenching getting ready for the grand opening race this Sunday at River Rat RC Track in Palatka, FL.

We head out for the JConcepts Clash Wednesday after work and I’ll be running the new Tekno EB48.2 and the SCT410. I’d have a limited amount of time to get things ready so I won’t be running the 4×4 SC this weekend but since I haven’t raced the EB yet I’m really looking for some extra track time.

I’ll be announcing the race at River Rat so hopefully I can get a stand in and me running the E-Buggy class won’t affect things too much.


Double Header Practice

It was a great rc weekend, indoor onroad practice on Saturday and indoor offroad practice on Sunday.


Saturday I made the oh so nice 25 minute drive to the recently opened Free Ride RC Park. This new track was just opened by the Florida RC Outlet in Jacksonville, Fl. I bought the Spec-R just because this track is so close to home. My first run with the Spec-R S1 touring car was tons of fun. Very happy with it’s performance for the amount of money I have in it. I drove all day and truly enjoyed spending time with friends and driving the car.

 image    20130808-004419.jpg

When I got home from the Outlet store, the new Tekno EB48.2 was close enough that I would finish the tweaks trackside at SCRC in Cocoa Beach, Florida. But I still had some work to do with the Tekno SCT410 short course truck that I wanted to bring. I recently got some new differential gears to install that are supposed to be quieter and more efficient than the stock gears. I was also excited to try out a new battery from Trinity, a Revtech Formula X 8000mah/150C 2S lipo.

Sunday I crawled out of bed and made the 2+ hour drive to SCRC. This track was the perfect place to test out the new equipment. It’s a fairly large indoor clay track and shares similar qualities to the track we’ll be visiting next month in Flowood, Mississippi.

The EB48.2 felt great. It was super smooth, very quiet, and crazy fast.

The SCT410 was great with the new upgrades. Much quieter and the acceleration and runtime with the new battery was nuts. I got just shy of 20 minutes on a charge.

The JConcepts Clash is just around the corner. I’ll have one more chance to run the EB48.2 at River Rat RC Track before heading out to MS with the family.


I race a lot of offroad classes all over the Southeast so that means I have a lot of wheels. Not as many as some but definitely more than your average racer does.

(1 of 2 for my E-Buggy, JConcepts bags help keep things organized.)

What I do to reduce the costs of replacing worn out tires is recycling rims. For this to work more efficiently for me I do have several sets of extra rims. This way I’m never fully dependent on getting tires off before I start gluing new ones. Every couple of weeks or so I go through all of my tires to weed out the ones that aren’t worth putting on the track anymore.

Now there are a few ways to remove a tire from a rim, boiling, baking, or Acetone. I use Acetone. It takes the longest, 1-2 days, but you are less likely to damage the rim and it doesn’t require supervision.

I just use a shoe box sized plastic container from Walmart. You could use bigger or smaller even but this lets me do about one and a half sets at a time.


Now a couple tips for you:

-Use rocks or beads for a fish tank to take up some of the space and save yourself a little Acetone. I only fill to the top of the rocks. The wheels don’t need to be submerged, fumes are enough to break-down the glue.



-You’ll save a lot of space by cutting the tires off and removing the foams. I always leave enough tire to pull on.


-Pull on the tires once to twice a day to speed up the process. Sometimes the tire will come right off sometimes it won’t.

-You can use the Acetone to clean any remaining glue off the rim.

Getting Closer

I finally got to at least try my new touring car. The Florida RC Outlet has just opened their new track, Free Ride RC Park, for practice. The track layout allows them to run either road course or oval but just not at the same time. Unfortunately my schedule wouldn’t allow me to try the road course while it was setup. I was so anxious to see how close I got with the gearing that I didn’t mind not turning right. 😉



Looks like the next Saturday will be road course. Maybe I’ll post my first video!

Safety First

The race is over but I always make sure to store my lipos at the correct voltage. This Hitec charger lets me do four batteries at a time and discharges or charges the batteries to 3.8 volts per cell. Storage voltage does seem to vary between charger brands. I try to always use the Revtech lipo safes. Lipo batteries can be dangerous.

It’s already time to look ahead to next weekend. My wife has some plans so it’ll be father/daughter day next Saturday. Of course the best daughter in the world, Donna (2), wants to go try daddy’s new Spec-R touring car.