Back home!

Had great results yesterday. We ran 3 rounds of qualifying and 10 minute mains.

I feel like I’m getting much better at picking out the best JConcepts tire, at least for me, based on the track conditions. The track changed every round and the mains.

My Tekno SCT410 was perfect all day. I actually changed tires every run. I’ve honestly never done that before. I beat my own TQ (top qualifier) time every round with it. Couldn’t of asked for more from the Trinity motor/batteries, Hobbywing esc, and JConcepts tires.


My Tekno converted Mugen was great too. I was just behind fellow JConcepts driver Travis Dupree all day. I really wanted to push it and try to grab that top spot in the quals but I kept it under control and drove smart. Just like the SC, I changed tires often and it was better every run. When the main started I wanted to hang behind Travis and wait for him to make a mistake but beside us both having first lap bobbles, he never made a mistake and we finished 1 & 2.


I borrowed a Nitro Truggy from my good buddy Brian to help fill up the class and help Brian break the motor in. It was fun and even came home with a 3rd place finish.


I’ve been doing this a long time and my nerves still kill my appetite. I always come home several pounds lighter after a race. I told the wife if she let me race more often I’d be skinnier.

I had a great time but was glad to be home last night. Nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I always drive to these things since I have a heavier foot but I’m always so wiped out by the end Carmen always drives us home. Thank you honey for always taking care of me!


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